Engelhard Grants

As of Fall 2018, the Engelhard Project has expanded to include two grant opportunities: Engelhard Connecting Life and Learning Grants, which are available to all faculty at Georgetown, and Engelhard Evidence of Impact grants, open to Engelhard Fellows who are eager to explore the impacts of their work in the classroom.

Engelhard Connecting Life and Learning Enrichment Grants

Engelhard course grants support class-related activities that strengthen a culture of well-being in courses across Georgetown.

Engelhard course grants are intended to help faculty and students take advantage of the resources of the larger community, bringing the curricular and co-curricular together in order to give students a space to bridge salient wellbeing issues on campus with the rich academic content of their coursework.

Events or activities funded by these grants could include guest speakers, wellness activities, field trips, materials that support health and well-being, or activities designed to foster attention to well-being—physical, mental, spiritual, or otherwise—both within and outside of the classroom, extending students' understanding of course material and how it relates to their larger life experiences. All faculty are eligible to apply for Engelhard Enrichment Grants of up to $500. To apply, see the CNDLS Enrichment Grant website for details and application guidelines.

Engelhard Evidence of Impact Grants

We invite research project proposals from faculty and staff working within the Project to explore the impacts of their Engelhard course(s).

Proposed projects can focus on student well-being, student learning, faculty experience, teaching and learning, campus community, or any Engelhard-related goal of your course. Preference will be given to proposals from interdisciplinary and/or cross-campus groups that could include faculty, campus resource fellows, and/or students. For the 2018-19 academic year we will award up to $10,000 total (with additional support from the Engelhard project team) between 3 to 6 projects.

All faculty, all staff, all tracks, all ranks, part-time or full-time, involved in an Engelhard course in AY 2018-2019 are eligible to propose an inquiry project. We are especially interested in Engelhard Faculty Fellows and Engelhard Campus Resource Fellows who apply together. Click here for more information on Impact grants and the full list of proposal criteria.