Engelhard Conversations on Teaching

Engelhard Faculty Conversations on Teaching aim to create a small community of colleagues for deep exploration of various topics that relate to teaching and well-being, and foster connections with each other around the work we do here at Georgetown. Started in the Fall of 2017 with the “Teaching to Mission” Conversation group, our Faculty Conversations have now expanded to two Conversations per semester. The following two groups will run over the course of Spring 2019.

Teaching to Mission

This Engelhard Faculty Conversation aims to connect the work we do as teachers and mentors with students to Georgetown’s mission and values. This group will read James Martin’s book The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, supplemented with additional readings. Held Wednesdays on campus over lunch.

Inclusivity and Well-Being

This Conversation explores the intersection of student well-being and issues of inclusion, justice, and equity in higher education, taking in the full range of students’ experiences, including their encounters with identity, marginalization, and injustice.

Informed by recent literature and our own experiences, we’ll discuss connections between inclusive teaching practices and the well-being of our campus community, and how this affects our role as educators. Held Mondays on campus over lunch.

Engelhard Faculty Conversation groups meet every other week over lunch or dinner. Participants attend all sessions, complete selected readings, and participate in group discussion. Each Conversation group has approximately eight faculty.

All faculty, regardless of their participation as Faculty Fellows, are eligible to participate. We are no longer accepting applications of interest for Spring 2019.